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Alexander James Rodriguez Performs at Halloween Hotness 2023!

Alexander James Rodriguez Performs at Halloween Hotness in Hollywood

Alexander James Rodriguez wowed guests at the 9th Annual Halloween Hotness Saddle Up

event benefitting St. Jude's held on October 21st at the world-famous Madame Tussauds


Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega

This teen, who was an intricate part of the St. Jude' s Fundraising Campaign has been supporting

Halloween Hotness since 2017.

“The annual Halloween Hotness, event founded by Brian Sikoff is so incredibly important. This

year I had the honor of performing three songs to help raise the much-needed funds for this

amazing charity,” stated Alexander. “Together we were able to secure $30,000 for St. Jude's

Children's Hospital. Want to help St. Jude's like Alexander did? Donate now

Photo Cred: Albert Ortega

The Marbella-born British actor and recording artist, who performs in both English and Spanish,

delivered a passionate performance for the attending audience. We love this supernova.

So far, Alexander has been featured in six major Hollywood feature films including the Golden

Globe winner, ‘Missing Link’ and has released 15 original pop songs and 3 covers songs. As a

live performer, Alexander has performed at over 50+ occasions across the USA from Spain, New

York, Las Vegas to Los Angeles, and has been featured in every teen magazine, and hundreds of

publications from Variety to Billboard Magazine.

Photo Credit: Albert Ortega

His smash hit song, ‘EUPHORIA’, which received early support from SiriusXM Hits 1

Hit bound and topped at #10 on the New Music Weekly Top40 Charts, can be heard in over

10,000 stores nationwide!

Watch Alexander perform ‘Euphoria’ here:

On asking him what’s coming up next the teen replied,

“Aside from studying for the SAT on December 2nd , and juggling 3 AP’s, I am wrapping up my

10-song debut album which is set to release at the top of 2024. Oh, and my music video ‘Circles

In My Mind’ has just been nominated at this year’s Film Fest LA. It’s pretty cool because it will

be played in Regal Cinemas!”

WOW Alexander... from music to the big screen, are you ever slowing down?!?!

You can keep up with this talented teen on Instagram | Spotify | YouTube | Website



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