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Delijah Mcalpin plays the young Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton in upcoming "Sweetwater" Movie!

Talk about anticipation! You may have seen Delijah Mcalpin in the fun Social Media World BUT.... soon you will be able to see him in the new movie "Sweetwater". Delijah plays the younger version of Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton who was one of the first African American Basketball Players to break the color barrier and play in the NBA. Delijah being 6'4" and a ball player himself is a perfect fit for the part!

Clifton played a pivotal role in integrating the NBA and paving the way for future African American Players. His success on the court and his ability to navigate racial barriers helped change the perception of African American Athletes in professional sports. A movie about his story promises of a great theater experience!

Delijah's fave sports quote, "Once you know what failure feels like, Determination chases Success."

We couldn't be more excited to see this young Teen Talent on the big screen April 14th! We've got our tickets! Do you have yours?!?!?

Watch the Sweetwater Movie Trailer Now-

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