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Journey into the "Subconscious" with VAV!

Music label A Team Entertainment and Studio Pave presents VAV who is in midst of their 10

stop US Tour with their latest album release Subconscious. This K POP Sensation stands

for Very Awesome Voice and consists of 6 members. Originally debuting back in 2015 with the

release of their first mini album, "Under the Moonlight". It was the song, "Give Me More"

that made this band a sensation that had fans asking for more!! A favorite song that is

on our Teen Reporter's repeat list is "Senorita".

K-Pop has slowly transitioned from a Subculture guilty pleasure during their

own Golden Age to holding a permanent place on the World's stage of Mainstream Media. Whether you’re a fan of K-Pop from 1st Gen to the 4th Gen or beginning your

journey as the world is ushering in the 5th generation, check out VAV! Introducing the 6 members that hail from South Korea...

St Van (Lee Geum Hyuk) is the Leader of the group and main vocalist that is known to be the dad of

the group. The leader of the group’s responsibility is to provide motivation and bring cohesion to

the group. St Van has a passion for cars and one day would love to give Formula One races a go.

Our Teen Reporter's personal fave is Ace (Jang Woo Young) who has the position as lead vocalist and lead

dancer! He was the second member of the group to enlist. Prior to joining VAV Ace was a trainee for

Starship Entertainment. When a member is considered a trainee, they are professionally trained

to prepare for their debut to the public. In his down time, he likes to weight train and watch

movies. A Fun Fact is that his favorite movie is Titanic!

Another favorite is Ayno (Noh Yoon Ho) who is multi-talented

with his position of main rapper, dancer, and vocalist. Ayno is known for his looks and is the

groups Visual. As a sub-unit he is also working to promote his own solo singles and videos such

as "Mixtape Zero Coke". Sub-units are members in the group that also create and work on their

own work while working with the band.

Jacob (Zhang Peng) is the Face of the Group, a rapper and vocalist. The face of

the group is always the most popular and forefront for public attention. Jacob is the only one of

the group members born out of Korea and comes from Huibei, China. He is also a sub-unit

soloist artist where he currently promotes his work in China.

Lou (Kim Ho Sung) along with Ayno is the other main rapper of the group. Lou works closely

with Ayno and helps to write some of the raps in albums. In addition he is apart of a

YouTube web drama called "Lemon Car Video". Another soloist in the band, Lou has worked

previously on his digital single "Good Night Mixtape".

Vav’s very own Maknae and youngest member of the group is Ziu (Park Hee Jun). Ziu along

with St Van is one of the other main vocalists. In K-Pop the main vocalist differs from the other

two lead and sub vocalist (also known as just vocalist). As the main vocalist they are known to

have the amazing singing techniques, responsible for the difficult parts and often the most lines. Ziu

was a trainee for five years prior to joining VAV with Happy Face Entertainment.

After almost three years of a break, VAV’s come back is meant to bring a message of hope for

their VAMPZ fandom! Their 7th mini album, "Subconscious" is a reminder that everyone has the

potential to shine! Check out their latest video from this album, "Designer" on YouTube.

Join Teen Vibes with Teen Reporter, Catie Cat on Sunday January 14th at the South Side Music Hall located in

Dallas, Texas. Tickets are still available. Don’t forget to get the benefit tier package. If you

cannot make it to this tour stop, you still have 7 more chances and locations!

This Article was written by Caitlyn Garduno

Purchase your TICKETS here!

Official Accounts

Instagram: @VAV_official

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