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Teen Vibes Magazine is a diverse group of creatives who care about making a positive impact on young people across the globe, while we educate, enlighten, and empower them.


We are the destination for the next generation of influencers, arming them with all they need to lead stylish and informed lives. As we think about diversity, equity, and inclusion, we strive for awareness around youth who care about justice, who care about each other, and who care about coming together to make a difference.

From the most recognized young celebrities, to some of hottest upcomers, we are your everyday escape, taking you inside the lives of the world’s most intriguing young people and making you an integral part of the cultural conversation. A fun, fashionable space where we look to enrich your life with a place to celebrate differences and cheer for each other's accomplishments. A place that appreciates philanthropy and education as much as edge and individuality.

We believe when you inspire the teens of today, you will make a difference for teens tomorrow.

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