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Australian Photographer Wayne Svrakov "SMASHES" his Photoshoots in Los Angeles, CA!

Wayne Svrakov, the Popular Australian Photographer just finished up his first Photography trip to our very own Los Angeles, CA. Ten days of shooting some of the most talented teen talents in the entertainment industry. From Actors and Dancers to Musicians and Influencers....he shot them all!

Wayne is known for his vivid and neon color edits as well as his fun angle shots. Whenever we see a Wayne shot on any social media platform it stops us in our tracks with its creativity and moments captured that practically jump off of the screen or page. Teen Vibes Magazine has been honored to have Wayne's Australian talents and photos in our issues. Wayne is providing his Australian models the chance to be seen and highlighted here in the United States by collaborating with TVM. His shoots in Australia are consistently sold out and Wayne has a waiting list for most.

Lovingly nicknamed by TVM as the "THE WIZARD" for his Magical edits, Wayne was humbled at the fact that parents flew their teens in from all over the United States to shoot with him. The creativity that he lets the Teens express in the captured moments are everything you could want from a photographer. With Wayne's constant positive, respectful and supportive communication with his models and their parents he really is... one "SMASHING AMAZE PHOTOGRAPHER". We cannot wait to see the final shots from these recent Los Angeles shoots and look forward to his next visit!

Want to shoot with Wayne the next time he visits Cali?!?!? Jump on his waiting list! You can contact via email or dm through his instagram account.

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