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Dai Time to Host New Podcast Around Teen Hollywood

The actress and online personality, Dai Time, will lead a new podcast highlighting some of the hottest young talent in film and television.

After her successful talk show on Snapchat, she's now expanding her empire. The growing influencer has many goals, but while most teens would find the goals to be out of reach, Dai Time proves why she is not like most teens. The podcast does not yet have a name, but we know it's going to be full of fun.

“I want to shine a light on more talented GEN Z friends of mine.”

The excitement about the show is not just the guests, but the games that are built into the format of the show. Producers promise the show is going to "pack a punch" much like a late night show. The hope is that the podcast provides a spotlight for young people to share their motivations behind what they do, debating the hot topics of pop culture and shedding a light on what's important to them.

Keep on the lookout for more as the premiere grows closer.



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