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Ashthon Jones and Brandon Stewart Cheers to Long-Awaited Return of 'Shine'

Grammy winner, Ashthon Jones, holds a mimosa alongside Brandon Stewart, creator of the hit series Shine, in a toast to their explosive season return.

Ashthon Jones and Brandon Stewart from Shine on Brandon TV BTV cheers in celebration to 1 millions views and the new season.
Ashthon Jones and Brandon Stewart Cheers

A source close to both parties confirmed the duo have been friends since 2017, the year Shine first launched. Jones and Stewart both graced the stage on American Idol, which they now groom new artists to fill the shoes they once wore.

Several artists they have discovered include Emmy Bodner from ABC's first season relaunch, Jackson Snelling and recent breakout, Dakota Hayden.

Jones and Stewart looked to have visited Castaway in Burbank, California, as they toast with mimosas overlooking a grandiose mountain. Jones wears a orange tiger pointed jumper with mesh ribbing, while Stewart wears a simple black tank, with gold accent jewelry and red velvet shoes. They both also wore large sunglasses under the California sun.

Their post on Instagram flooded with fans celebrating their show's return. Shine released an episode last Sunday night where the Top 40 contestants first met at the remote resort in Northern Kentucky, a resort where they will learn to write, sing and sell their own music. Early favorites are starting to find extra screen time, but so are some of the feuds.

Judges one the hit series online, Ashthon Jones, Brandon Stewart, 2'Live Bre in Shine on BTV (Brandon TV)
Ashthon Jones, Brandon Stewart, 2'Live Bre in Shine on BTV

Jones and Stewart have both teased a dramatic season.

Jones was recently on a live with Claire RockSmith, host of the new spin-off - Shine Juniors. She spoke about some of her favorite moments from the upcoming episodes and promised "good TV" to come. Days before that, Stewart went live with RockSmith also, mentioning a similar promise. So one thing we know, this season of Shine is going to be unmatched.


Jones and Stewart have been judges on the show since its freshman season. They've had a lovable banter from the first artist that walked through the doors.

"She's somebody that immediately knew what [Stewart] wanted, and the effort it took to pull it off," sources said about their relationship. She had just come off her Grammy winning album collaboration with gospel artist Lecrae.

The third judge, 2'Live Bre is the only one missing from this toast, though he is getting ready for his upcoming concert sponsored by Red Bull.

Catch these two in the next episode of Shine releasing this Sunday, where a continuation of last Sunday's episode picks right up where we left off. Contestant, Aprina Johnson, walks out of a challenge because she's "not doing it."

Are you excited for the current season of Shine?


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