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The "Promtastic" Prom line coming to Teens from JCPenney and the King of Pop-Rock Couture, Johnny Wujek!

What an AMAZING opportunity we had to spend some time chatting with the even more AMAZING... Emmy Award Winning Costume Designer, Johnny Wujek! Known as the "King of Pop-Rock Couture, he is the creative muse behind some of our absolute FAVE Hollywood Stars! Johnny is well known for his fashion styling achievements with Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Shakira, Kate Mara, the Kardashians, Sofi Tukker, Ariana Grande and Saweetie to name a few. Yes! That's just a few!!

Knowing that Prom Season is upon us and hearing that Johnny had a new Prom Line coming out exclusively in JCPenney, we had to get the scoop to share! Check out our Q and A sesh.

Q: Who or what were your biggest inspirations for this new Prom line and why?

A: I didn't design with one person in mind but rather with everyone in mind. I am inspired by color, boldness and love multipurpose pieces. I have spent many years in fashion styling and have put that passion into this line. Prom is the teens version of the Oscar's or Grammy's and is an exciting time.

Q: How long have you been designing?

A: I have been designing since I was a kid. I moved out to Los Angeles and started designing with Katy Perry some years ago and I am self-taught.

Q: What would you like teens to think when they are wearing one of your designs?

A: My goal is to have them feeling like their most authentic self, glamorous and not inhibited. I want them to feel special and proud.

Q: Why JCPenney?

A: JCPenney was one of my first big department store experiences growing up in Michigan. I love that their store is accessible and affordable to everyone. That is what I wanted for this Prom be accessible and affordable to everyone. We were a perfect match!

Q: Is your PROM line only going to be available for this Season in JCPenney's and if so, where can the teens go to get your designs after the Season is over?

A: The collection is exclusively at JCPenney for the season and is available in select stores and on JCPenney's Website. Teens and parents can also shop online for these styles. The line is only available for a limited time so after that the teens will have to try and find a friend that purchased while they could.

Q: Best PROM memory for you?

A: I was the guy who went to a bunch of proms. I had a bunch of friends so we always went to the proms together. My favorite prom was senior year. I styled my girlfriend and myself. I even dyed her hair. It was great fun and we stole the show!

Q: What is a style tip you can give a teen who is trying to find the perf fit for PROM?

A: Choose something that you feel the most comfortable and special in. This line is stretchy and goes up to the plus sizes. Choose a dress or suit that you can appoint yourself the Prom King or Queen in!

Q: Can you give some teasers or hints on what's next?

A: I have a lot of things roasting. I am dabbling into directing, more designing projects, and a potential TV show. I love to keep busy and have diversity in projects.

Q: What is your favorite charity you like to give back to?

A: I Love to give to GLAAD which is LGBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders as well as support my LGBTQ Community.  The Art of Elysium is another one I like to support.  

Q: What is your go to Positive Affirmation?

A: I am, I can and I will! Growing up as a gay man in Michigan I always knew I would move away and do outstanding things. Surrender yourself to the Universe....and 26 years later after moving to California I am doing beyond outstanding things.

Q: If you could say something to your Teen Self what would it be?

A: My dad has passed away so of course I would tell myself to talk to my dad more. Cherish the moments with the people that you love. Forgiveness is powerful and don't dwell on things that don't matter in the big picture of what you have planned for yourself!

JCProm with Johnny Wujek is available NOW for a limited time and just in time for Prom Season!

Speaking with Johnny you can hear the passion in his voice he has for not only his creative works but also for the people he loves. He speaks of wanting to highlight teens as individuals with styling. From fun pops of color to sophisticated designs he is leveling up this prom season's choices for teens. This collection is a must see and remember....once it sells's gone!!



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