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Have we "SOMEHOW" found the next "Prince of Pop" in the musical talent that is David Lee?!?!

An Extraordinary Teen Musical Talent from the Golden State of California has been amazing us with his JAW DROPPING Singing, Songwriting, playing of Musical instruments and his STELLAR dance moves! David Lee stands out as an outstanding musical artist whose passion and creativity have captivated fans around the country. David Lee's love for music bloomed at a young age. Influenced by the rich musical heritage of the region, he began honing his skills on various instruments, including guitar and piano. His dedication to these instruments equipped him with a unique musical prowess that would eventually set him apart from his peers.

What truly makes David Lee exceptional is his ability to fuse various genres and styles to create a sound that is unmistakably his own. From soulful ballads to infectious pop hooks and even experimental electronic textures, his music showcases an eclectic blend that seamlessly transcends traditional boundaries. David's melodies are infectious, his lyrics are deep and introspective, and his arrangements boast an unmatched complexity and depth. Over the years, David Lee has honed his craft and steadily emerged as an influential figure in the California music scene. With his UNMATCHED powerful vocals, dynamic stage presence, and natural talent for captivating audiences, he has blossomed into a true performer and dare we say....possibly the next Prince of Pop!!

David's energy and passion never fail to leave a lasting impression. Beyond his impressive musical abilities, David Lee's dedication to evolving as an artist is commendable. Constantly pushing himself to explore new sonic territories, he fearlessly experiments with different sounds and instruments to keep his music fresh and exciting. Not one to rest on his laurels, David Lee's creativity knows no bounds as he continues to surprise listeners with his innovative approach. David Lee's impact reaches far beyond California's borders. His music has resonated with fans across the U.S and is growing his fan base abroad! David draws them in with his relatable and heartfelt lyrics, irresistible melodies, and his undeniable talent.

David is solidifying his reputation as an artist that we MUST watch AND listen to for fear of missing the next MESMERIZING song such as his latest release, "SOMEHOW". Which is now available on all streaming platforms!

Video done by @bringoutthegold

As the music industry embraces innovation and expands its horizons, artists like David Lee continue to push the envelope. Through his dedication to mastering his craft, his ability to connect with audiences, and his unwavering commitment to growth, David Lee has undoubtedly carved a place for himself among the great musical talents of our time and we think he may be our NEXT PRINCE OF POP!! With each new release, David Lee showcases his artistry, captivating us with emotionally charged lyrics, unforgettable melodies, and dynamic performances. As he continues to thrive and evolve within the industry, it's clear that he is an artist on the rise. If you haven't already experienced the musical journey that David Lee offers, it's about time to discover the MAGIC that this exceptional Californian Teen talent has to offer!

Fun Side Note for you David Fans or FAMLEE....David DID join a new and (very dishy) group called BOUT' LAST NIGHT!! One heart throb added to a group of other heart throbs? YES PLEASE! Stay tuned on more coming your way about BOUT' LAST NIGHT!

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