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Lilly Ketchman SHINES on her "SNOWBOUND" trip turned series!

Lilly simply Shines in this new Series, "SNOWBOUND": The New Fun Teen Series for great Seasonal Reality Show Seekers! Calling all teens! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey like no other with the launch of the hot new teen series, "SNOWBOUND"! This light hearted show is set to captivate audiences with its humorous reality, relatable characters, and relatable themes that resonate with today's youth. In the snowy town of Big Bear, viewers will follow a diverse group of friends from Young Hollywood as they navigate their way through some Mountain adventures and dare we say....Mountain shade being thrown.

It's been a minute since we have been able to watch younger Lilly on the hit show "Dance Moms". Which is another reason we are so thrilled about this "SNOWBOUND" trip she took with some of her friends!! We can catch up on what Lilly has been up to since those "DANCE MOMS' days and we also get asked if we REALLY know Lilly even though we felt by watching that we were apart of her dance world journey for that time on the show. She hasn't just turned from cute to BEAUTIFUL...gotta watch to catch up!!

Lilly's current platform links:

"SNOWBOUND" was made when the INSPIRING Teen Vibes Magazine co founder Mia Nina decides to invite some of her closest friends to take a much needed fun break from School and the craziness schedules of Young Hollywood. These friends include Lilly Ketchman a young dancer and AMAZING mental health advocate which you may have see on the show, "DANCE MOMS". Ryker Baloun a DIVERSE actor and model. Claire Rocksmith a BEAUTIFUL actress who you might have seen on, "Who's Claire". Reese Rocksmith an UPCOMING talent who is the little sister of Claire. Izzie Florez another VIBRANT actress that has a show coming out called, "Izzie's Life". Certainly not least, there is Alden Song who is WIDELY KNOWN as THE DJ Alden to teens across the U.S. This dynamic bunch did not disappoint in these first episodes that we have watched so far on the Brandon TV App. Which is available on iPhone, Android, Roku and the Web. Brandon Stewart, the BRILLIANT founder Brandon TV stepped up in a big way to make this reality series a REALITY for this Young Hollywood Group on Vacay!

The show has Smore's filled Bonfires, Snowtubing and Sledding, Shay Meadows Ranch and Resort, Bowling scenes and so much more that Big Bear has to offer. But it’s not ALL about the location; "SNOWBOUND" also delves into relevant themes that today’s teenagers face, such as self-acceptance and a little.....tiiiiiiiny bit of drama....ok....yes!! There is drama!! It's a reality teen show....BOUND to have drama! These elements, combined with the captivating visuals of BIG BEAR LAKE, make for an engaging viewing experience that will have audiences eagerly awaiting each new episode. With its perfect blend of adventure, relatability, and coming-of-age theme, "SNOWBOUND" is set to become everyone's BINGE WORTHY pleasure. Get ready to be transported to a world where friendships are forged, limits are pushed, and adventures await at every corner. Don't miss out on this series that promises to be the ultimate form of entertainment for teens! So, gather your friends, grab some smores , and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of "SNOWBOUND" which is exclusively on the BRANDON TV APP!! Tap into the FUN and download the App today!

The SNOWBOUND cast sends Special Thanks to Shay Meadows Ranch and Resort, Visit Big Bear, The Alpine Slide of Big Bear, The Bowling Barn and City Bonfires.



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