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Ayden Mekus Leads Cast to 1M Views on Newest Film

The young actor, Ayden Mekus, led a cast to over 1M views on his new short film.

Mekus was born in Southern California.

Mekus is setting the social media world on fire with his YouTube content enjoyed by his millions of fans and followers. Starting out in the industry with commercials and short films, Mekus catapulted to social media stardom with his unique ability to connect to various demographics. Passionate about making positive videos that help others, his YouTube popularity has transitioned into TikTok where he has amassed over 11 million followers.

As an actor, he works with Dar Mann Studios, starring in Dar Mann’s motivational videos while producing some of his own. As an anti-bullying advocate, he knows first-hand the devastating effects of bullying, but in true Mekus fashion, he turned the negative into a positive. It was bullying that pushed him into acting as a means of escape and in turn he is using his voice to effect change. Mekus' unique perspective on life along with a true love for his fans is what makes him one of the fast rising social media stars.

His recent short film went viral starring some of his friends including Neela Jolene and Izzie Florez.

When not creating or spreading his message of positivity, Mekus is pursuing music.



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