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Omega X is coming at you for the "KEEPS GOIN" Tour and we are HERE FOR IT!!

The Group, Omega X in K-Pop is coming in HOT!! The Omega name of the title is

from the Greek alphabet Omega and means "THE FINAL" which for this band, they intend on being THE FINAL BOSS in the ever expanding K-Pop Industry.!! The "Keep Goin Tour" marks a NEW BEGINNING.

No one is more excited than Teen Vibes Magazine for the Omega X 2nd World Tour ending in the US

and Mexico. After the completion of 1st World Tour "Don’t Give Up" the members left their

company leaving their fandom to wonder if they would ever release a new album again. Thanks

to IPQ entertainment, the FOR X Fandom can breathe again knowing that their 8 stops kick off

tour begins........ NOW!! Purchase Tickets Now!

For all those who are joining in on the latest K-Pop craze let us introduce you to the 11 members

that make up this group from South Korea:

Hangyeom (Song Han Gyeom) former stage name "A-Day" in the group "Seven O’Clock" was the

first member of Omega X to be revealed. Song resonates as the visual leader in the group with a

background in rapping, composing, writing lyrics, while dabbling in production.

Junghoon (Han Jeong Hoon) the 2nd member to be revealed in Omega X. Along with Kevin, he

came from the group ENOi and his former stage name is "J-Kid". When he was younger, he lived in

fandom. He loves hearing them from the stage yelling and cheering for Omega X.all the band’s FOR X

fandom. He loves hearing them from the stage yelling and cheering for Omega X.

Jaehan (Kim Jae Han) is a former member of the duo "One Voices", and boy group "Spectrum".

Although he was the 3rd member to be revealed, he is the official leader of Omega X. Jeahan's motto

is “Don’t be a afraid of failing/Failure.”

Yechan (Shin Ye Chan) nicknamed "THE Classical Schooler" was the 4th member of the band to be

revealed. A former member of the band "1THE9". Yechan also speaks English and lived in the

United States for a short period when he was younger. One thing that scares him is the band

member "Sebin", it is unnatural to how calm he is.

Taedong (Kim Tae Dong) the 5th member to be revealed and former member of the group

"Gidongdae". Taedong and Sebin are the nurturing type and tend to take care of the other members.

Sebin is the resident cook, Taedong is the early riser and an avid cleaner.

Hyuk (Yang Hyuk) also known as "Gun" from the band "ENOi" was the 6th member to be revealed.

Singing and playing guitar are a few of his many talents. He also has a love of drama and when

not touring takes acting lessons. Hyuk's motto is “Hard work beats talent.”

Kevin (Park Jin Woo) is lucky number 7 when it comes to the big reveal. Kevin is also known as

"Jinwoo" from the group "ENOi". One of his favorite vocalists is "DK" out of the well-known group


Hwichan (Lee Hwi Chan) formally known as "Raychan" from the boy group "Limitless". You can

call him by his nickname... "Handsome". As the 8th band member to be revealed he has some

strong opinions on if pineapples should be on pizza or not.

Sebin (Jang Se Bin) was the 9th member of the band to be revealed. Sebin a celeb himself, doesn’t

mean he isn’t immune from being starstruck. The "Burdock Prince" self-professed role model is

"RM" from "BTS". He is known for his positive energy and has a natural way of relaxing others.

Jehyun (Moon Je Hyun) another former member of the group "1Team" was Omega X’s 10th

member to be revealed. His nickname among the members is "Prince Wink". Jehyun is known

for his style and love of fashion.

Xen (Lee Jin Woo) formerly known as "Jinwoo" from the group "1Team" is the last and final

member of the group. Some of the US POP CULTURE has rubber off on him, and he came down with

a case of Bieber Fever!!

Who is your bae? Our Caitlyn Garduno is torn between Jaehan and Hangyeom. Shh.... don’t tell those two that

their competition from my bias wrecker is Hyuk. Is your bae of this group undecided? Then check out their latest release video

"Junk Food" which you can see below and pick your fave!!

You now can be “Forever with OMEGA X” and join Teen Vibes Magazine with Catie Cat

Garduno on Friday December 1st . At the Historic Ridglea Theater located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Tickets are still available. Don’t forget to get the benefit tier package. If you cannot make it to

this tour stop, you still have 7 more chances details below!

Special Thanks to Caitlyn Garduno for the article and Coverage of the Texas location Omega X Performance!

Make sure to follow Omega X on all platforms including...

Check out this other Instagram Account for Exciting updates


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