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Ranking Ashthon Jones' Outfits on 'Shine' Audition Tour

One of the judges on Shine never ceases to amaze audiences with her wardrobe choices on the show. Ashthon Jones has a certain flare fans adore.

Today we're going to be ranking her outfits from the audition tour. Let's face it, we're no fashion police, but we know the sirens were sounding every time Ashthon walked through the door.

In a good way.

Her 4th place outfit we are calling the Blue Baby. The outfit was worn in Nashville, Tennessee and was certainly more of her laid back looks on the show so far.

She wore a bounded baby blue top, fastened tight at her neck line. It plunged into her breasts where a white and striped blue denim coat gave a sophisticated accent.

That is one thing Ashthon's signature has certainly become - sophisticated and sexy. The look was finished with a pair of frayed denim shorts that were a similar blue pallet to the colors that paired in her top. Great look, but not the best on the tour.

In 3rd place is an outfit we're calling Graffiti and Gaga. The outfit was worn at Butler Resort during their online audition taping. Sorting through thousands of online auditions, as fans of the show will remember that audition element was added during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashthon sported knee high boots and a loud graffiti-like print top. She added yellow glasses during the majority of this city's confessionals, which we must say, helped complete the diva we all love. The top was a blend of colors, with a collared neck, and broad 90s style puffed shoulders.

Ashthon 2nd place finish we call Urban Mermaid.

This was one of our favorites so far.

The outfit was worn in Cincinnati, Ohio and didn't make its first appearance until the second episode. The design in the scales of the sleeves is what brings such a fantasy delivery on a slick black look. You can't forget the the detail on the thick leather scaled mini-skirt either. Many didn't know watching, but the look is actually two pieces - and the top was custom made; shocker, I know. What really completed this look were the shoes you can't see photographed. They matched the coloring in the sleeves, bringing out a flashy heel perfect for any fashionista.

Our 1st place look we awarded to Sophisticated Pink.

Ashthon looked so incredible here. The outfit was worn in Louisville, Kentucky, where all of the judges dazzled in pink across the panel. The tougher of the judges, Brandon Stewart, sported a pair of pink sleek pants, while rapper, 2'Live Bre, sprinkled some pink in his pocket square suited from head to toe. We voted this look as the top choice because it shows Ashthon's personality, and her professionalism. The pink lace skin-tight blouse sports a sexy touch tucked underneath her white suit, matching with her pink heals and hair.

Keep an eye out for Ashthon's next fashion alerts when Shine returns in September.



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