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'Shine' Leads BTV to Over 1M Views Last Night

Shine is the most watched online singing competition in America, and now it's taking the studio behind its success over 1 million views.

The BTV Instagram account posted about the accolade after delaying this weekend's episode for pre-production on a possible reunion. The idea fans could bear witness to any sort of resolution between the various issues that have plagued the Shine cast this season, could be more than entertaining, it's a needed feeling of closure.

BTV's instagram post talked about how Shine "helped lead [their] studio" to another big benchmark.

Right now the 3rd Season is 12 episodes deep - and it is bringing the heat. There are only 18 artists remaining, as the judges had to cut 30 finalists to 18 during the most recent episode. Some favorites had to pack their bags and leave, including a contestant they saved as a wildcard in the eliminations before - Child of God (known as C.O.G. on the show).

One thing is for sure, this season is the best one yet. Before their mid-season break, the judges teased a new record label and even revealed the exciting news to their Top 40 in the 9th episode. The panel is comprised of studio executive, Brandon Stewart, Grammy winner, Ashthon Jones and hip-hop artist from Netflix's series Rhythm and Flow, 2'Live Bre.

The stakes are higher than ever, as they are looking to fill their freshman roster at the label during the course of this season.


Short answer... the feuds.

So far feuds have been igniting everywhere. Christian Agnew went face to face with Bre after his controversial audition, Aprina Johnson walked out during the firsts eliminations, screaming a now iconic line "I'm not hurtin no little kids," Zakeyion Anderson confronted Jones about how the judges handled their first challenge, Iman Dillard clapped back at Jones on Instagram and most recently called out Old Tre for not being a good partner for their upcoming challenge.

New episodes release on Sunday nights, following the artists that are fighting for a spot on the record label. Pick your favorite, vote each week in the comments and stay up to date on who gets closer to the finale and who gets the chopping block.



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