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Lilly K Continues to Dazzle Fans on Viral Vertical Content

The former Dance Moms star, Lilly K, has since grown her online content catalogue into something fans can't get enough of.

Lilly K in Teen Vibes Magazine 2021
Lilly K, Teen Vibes Magazine

Though the young star first blew up on Lifetime's hit series, Dance Moms, that was only the beginning. Lilly has since blown up on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram; two of the three, are solely vertical platforms.


It's pretty simple for her, as she is just being herself. Garnering millions of views, Lilly consistently releases content that highlights her talents. Not only is she as cute as a button, but everyone knows she can dance; which much of the vertical platforms love to promote.

“Being yourself is the first step in making yourself happy.”

Lilly appeared in the New York Times bestselling series Dancers Among Us by Jordan Matter. She started working with singer/songwriter, Sia, and danced in two of her music videos early in her career as well. For many influencers, they don't have opportunities like that. But for Lilly, she stays busy. I mean, she's almost reached 4M subscribers on YouTube for goodness sake.

There's not many things this spit fire can't do.



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