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Claire RockSmith Dishes on New Series Coming Soon

Claire RockSmith, young comedic actress and influencer, led a small cast in a digital success titled, Who's Claire. But now on the horizon is a new series she teased on Instagram with an announcement "coming next month" the post read.

BTV Insider spoke with RockSmith to ask her if we could get some early details regarding her return to the small screen.

Claire RockSmith poses behind the Scenes of "Who's Claire" on Brandon TV BTV
Claire RockSmith, Behind the Scenes of "Who's Claire"

"It's a spin-off to a show that's really popular," she told us. She continued, "I'll be hosting the spin-off with some other cast members I'm looking forward to working with."

When asked if it was a spin-off from her popular series Who's Claire, she said "Not right now," with a smile. She didn't go into further explanation if there would or wouldn't be another season of Who's Claire, but one thing is for sure, the fans want more.

"I'm getting 100 comments everyday asking when season 2 will drop, and to be honest, I don't have those answers yet. We're in the process of launching a few newer ideas I'm really excited about." Who's Claire scored over a 1.3 million fanbase that took the internet by storm. She's no stranger to viral activity. Once Claire did a fun Tik Tok about YouTubers Samuel Golbach, and Cole Brock, (a.k.a. Sam and Colby) that was seen by millions of accounts. Before that, she's gone viral on numerous other occasions too.

“I don't really think of views as success. I think it's more important to work hard on finding good quality in what I do now.”

RockSmith has had ups and downs in her career. But her on again, off again, posting schedule has kept her in and out of regular viewing trends.

RockSmith told us she has also been "feeling the repercussions" of her recent move to Los Angeles. RockSmith left her former creative house, The Squad, after sexual assault allegations against her former manager, and aunt, Tiffany 'Rockelle' Smith.But RockSmith is staying strong, after her last Tik Tok account was deleted, with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers. "Don't worry, I'm back." She told us.

She used to post two YouTube videos a week, but leading to Vidcon she stopped her release cycle to catch a break. She continued saying that "things were moving at 100 miles per hour and I needed a breather."

When we asked her what the most exciting thing about this new show she has coming, she told us it was "the music." Then we asked if the series was a musical.

"Not exactly," she said, "it's more of an opportunity."



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