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Pre Teen Alex Lizzul hits the BIG SCREEN Scene!

Alex Lizzul is Hollywood’s latest pre-teen to hit the big screen. Born in Boston, Alex now lives in Los Angeles, and since then has got the acting bug! He attends the Will Wallace Acting Company where he hones his artistic craft and has made his acting debut in the film ‘Who’s Watching Who?’ – a comedy film that just won ‘Best Short Film’ at The Percy Awards presented by The Academy of Independent Motion Pictures in Austin, Texas – and is now set to screen at the Burbank International Film Festival in September!

Teen Vibes Magazine caught up with Alex Lizzul for the inside scoop on making movies and more!

Hello Alex, great to e-meet you! Congratulations on making your film debut – but before we kick off, what got you into acting and made you realize that it was your chosen path?

Hi guys! Thank you. I had a lot of people tell me I was really funny. And at school I was approached to be part of the cast of “Big Nate” for a table read when the cast was visiting my school. Soon after that the parents of someone I play baseball with kept telling me I really had to meet their friend the producer Will Wallace because I should be pursuing a career in acting because I was very entertaining. So, my friends introduced me to the Will Wallace Acting company where I have been training now for over a year.

Everyone has something unique about them. What do you think makes you unique?

I love to be funny, Love to do Improv. Love to travel. And I am very adaptable to new surroundings and new situations.

How would you describe the projects that you typically prefer?

I love comedy and anything funny. However, I am always interested in pushing myself to try new things so one of these days I hope to do a drama or something scary.

Can you tell us about the comedy movie ‘Who’s Watching Who?’?

So, ‘Who’s Watching Who?’ is the story of a single mother who has a planned business trip but is put in an impossible situation when the father is unable to pick up their 10 year old son, Trevor. With such short notice she is forced to turn to the last person she would ever want to take care of Trevor, her down and out brother Nick. Nick will be put to the test to see if he can handle the responsibilities of taking care of Trevor while, quite possibly, having the best weekend of their lives.

What role do you play?

I play the co-lead, Trevor alongside Chris Levine. Trevor is funny but also has a serious side. He realizes early on that his Uncle Nick is really going through a rough time and is “broken hearted” and Trevor takes on the role of being Uncle Nicks ten year old therapist.


Did you have to rehearse a lot before filming began?

Yes I did. This was my first big acting role, so I was reading my script all the time and working on memorizing my lines. It was fun to really get into character as Trevor.

What was the best part of the filming process?

Coming to set every day and doing something I love and enjoy is my favorite part. Also getting to continue to learn about the art of acting. I also enjoy being with the amazing cast and crew on set. Sometimes we would laugh so hard on set and that makes for a really good filming environment, when work isn’t work but fun.

You’re just getting started, but what have been the pros and cons of pursuing your acting career?

Pros are that I am grateful that I have the opportunity to pursue acting and do something I love so much and am so passionate about. I realize that not everyone gets the opportunity to follow their dreams. One con about acting is that sometimes I have to miss baseball practice and I have to juggle my hectic and busy schedule but that is ok at the end of the day, I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity.

Which actors / directors would you like to collaborate with in future?

There are so many talented actors and producers I would love to work with. Steven Spielberg text me. And Tom Cruise if you need a child actor for the next Top Gun movie let me know.

If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

Never give up on your dreams and keep swinging for the fences because someday you are going to hit it out of the ballpark.

If you weren’t into acting what else would you be doing?

I would still be doing baseball and probably spend more time fishing and hanging out with my friends.

Have you set any 2023 goals to achieve?

To continue to learn my craft of acting and to hopefully continue to get more acting roles and opportunities. My dream is to someday work on comedy series.

Any upcoming projects you can share with us?

I do have an upcoming holiday feature film that is about to start filming soon. The film should be available in time for the holidays so stay tuned!

Have you done any work with non-profit organizations, if so who is your favorite and if not, who would you like to work with in the future?

Through my school I have donated to clothing and toy drives for various organizations. Additionally I have also donated to many various local sports baseball teams that my older brother and I have played on. We donated clothing for people in need after all the horrible wildfires in CA. However if I could work with one charity in the future I would love to work with St. Jude Children's hospital to help children who are in the midst of cancer treatment realize it "might be darkest before the dawn" but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I just want to bring a little bit of love, joy and happiness to children and their families who are dealing with so much. If I can be the reason one child or one person forgets about their health or cancer battles for a while then that is the best feeling I could ever ask for. Cancer has touched my life personally as my aunt is currently battling an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Want to also help with St. Jude? Check them out here

How can we follow you?

My projects are on IMDb as Alex Lizzul and my Instagram is @the_alexlizzul



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