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It's a Numbers Game

Ok guys, this month's business update is all about social media tips and tricks to grow your account.

As we all know, brands look for numbers when it comes to handing out the dollars, but what does it take to get there?

First let's start at the beginning. The number one mistake a lot of teens make is not answering a very simple question? Who am I? This might seem silly to you at first, but think about it, if people can't feel

personally connected to you, then how can they become a loyal fan? Support means everything and is the reason brands want to trust you with their product; and moreso, their money. A big mistake even I made in the beginning was only showing what is "pretty”. That means I only posted things I THOUGHT people wanted to see. Be 100% you and I promise you will develop a fan base that will truly support you.

Rule #1 - Figure out who you are and your content.

Rule #2 - Make sure your bio explains who you are and your content

Rule #3 - Make sure your profile is set to a business profile so you can enjoy upgraded features

Rule #4 - Put out content that helps show your true personality How to grow your numbers first, you

have heard it thousands of times but being consistent is key.

Let's break it down in a LIST so you won't forget.

A. Post every day on your main page and 15 stories a day is the magic number.

B. Reels are super important too and remember even if you're not getting high numbers leave them in

reels but just remove them from the main profile grid.

C. Keep the content flowing and see what is working for you. If you get high numbers on one post try

and ask yourself why this post?

D. Times for posting is keep the 2 best times are 4am-6am so the first post people see is your new one

or 5pm-8pm when people are relaxing from the day and scrolling.

E. ACTION Videos do better than still photos in story postings. You should also have a human interest to

style to them.

F. Collaborations are super important as they not only share analytics but reach a much wider


G. Pick 3 people over the next 2 weeks you want to collaborate with that have equal or greater numbers

than you. Set it up like an appointment and make sure you agree on format and content that will benefit

both of you.

Meeting New Followers Outside of Your Demo

A great way to meet new followers is attending other people’s LIVES that have similar interests. This could include one of your favorite singers or favorite influencers. Don't be afraid to join other people's lives! It's so crazy when people say “I didn't want them to see me on”, I mean who hasn't accidently clicked that live and felt awkward. But don't. That's sure not going to get you far in business; you need to be outgoing. It’s so important to support others like you want to be supported. When you join the LIVE, make sure to talk and interact with the host, a great host will always answer back.

Another way to gain followers is following hashtags, which means following people with similar interests. I follow 5 new hashtags a week and try to interact with new people. For example, I just competed at Miss Teen USA, so I would go to the search bar and search the hashtags "teenusa" "teenusacontestant" and "usapageantgirl". Anyone that used these hashtags in their post will come up. Now find 3-5 people that look like girls you would normally interact with and go to their profile and give them a like and follow. This also shows why it's so

important to use a hashtag when you post; even if you hide it. This is what’s called back-end analytics and some celebrities youtubers use upwards of 30 hashtags per post. Once you follow someone with similar interests, chances are they will then come over to your page and see you have similar interests and give you a follow back.

The last tip is always try and comment back on any comments you may get. Answering comments is a great way to make friends and fans feel important and a valued part of your network.


1. Join LIVES of people with similar interests

2. Follow hashtags that include your interests

3. Use hashtags in every post and story

4. Make sure you comment back on everyone who comments you

5. Be consistent in your posting


“Bella” Barrett



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