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Marlene Ortiz Looks Ravishing at Madonna Inn Visit

The Getaway Los Angeles' star, Marlene Ortiz, posted on Instagram today looking ravishing during her visit to the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.

Ortiz was wearing a black tight dress, accentuating her curves, with a Dior handbag, and a pair of small pumps to polish the look.

She recently celebrated a birthday with close family and friends, and a sources tells us the "festivities don't stop anytime soon." According to someone close to Ortiz, she will be sharing a big birthday celebration with her co-star from The Getaway Los Angeles, Justin Byrd.

"They're going to Las Vegas and have a private villa they will be staying in," the source says.

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Since the start of filming The Getaway Los Angeles, or TGLA for short, Ortiz has grown her following in large lump sums.

As a Santa Ana, California local, influence from the show has sparked endless possibilities for Ortiz, and people are taking notice. So many promoters, brands and companies want Ortiz's influence, she now has a publicist.

Don't miss her on the season premiere of The Getaway Los Angeles, that will follow the conclusion of Shine's season 3 return, next month.



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