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Teen Lounge is coming to Dallas, TX with KidzCon and guess who's hosting?!? Yup! Lilly K!!

Just as it is heating up in Texas, KidzCon comes to town with Cirkiz Events and Teen Vibes Magazine bringing you a TEEN LOUNGE! Who else would you want hosting that other than stunning Lilly K from Dance Moms?!?! Lilly has a lot of projects soon to be talked about and the Teen Lounge couldn't be happier that she is going to be gracing the stage in Dallas July 8th and 9th at the Irving Convention Center.

KidzCon has done an amazing job providing THE go to space in Los Angeles for Families with Children. KidzCon Founder, Keyana Hughes is the magical mastermind behind the fun. Her creativity has been handed down through the women in her family so she knows what families and children want in this Kidzcon World she has created. It seemed only natural to incorporate a go to space for the older children that attend KidzCon as well. The Teen Lounge is just what KidzCon ordered!! This Lounge concept is being brought to you by Cirkiz Events (based out of New York) and Teen Vibes Magazine (based in Southern California). Cirkiz Events is known for the hottest New York Fashion Week After Parties and Kid Events. Teen Vibes Magazine highlights the most popular and known talented Teens as well as the up and coming talents.

The Teen Lounge hosts Live Performances, DJ's, Dance parties, Performer Meet and Greets, Teen Brands, Fashion Shows and more! Dallas, Texas is in for a treat with the performing line up including Indi Star, Sawyer Sharbino, Stefan Benz from this Seasons American Idol, Alden Song, Dominique Ilie, Anya Kay, The Microchicks, Victoria Dennis, King Moore, K Pop Dance Crew and Scarlett Song among others. Talk about talent!! Young Socialites and Sunflower by Race Austyn will be showcased in the Fashion Shows for Dallas as well.

The VIP list for this Red Carpet on Saturday July 8th is extensive with some of the most Popular and Talented Teens from all over the United States. Jet setter status is being achieved with this Teen Lounge!

Another awesome part about this Teen Lounge is that it is open to all ages and included in every KidzCon Ticket!! Yes!! This weekend Dallas, up....Los Angeles!! Stay tuned!

Photo credit for Lilly K photo: Stacey Ketchman

Edit credit: Wayne Svrakov



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