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A Peek into the Summer Sun

Everything is warming up, from the weather, to the fun events in Hollywood.

I've attended some cool events and even witnessed the infamous slap, thank you Mr. Will Smith. I mean, that moment is forever playing on repeat in my head. Not real sure how I feel about it.

But what moment is the best? So far, it was talking to one of my idols. You know, Jimmy and J are basically bros now! He has a little YouTube channel called MrBeast… Yes!

I’ve wrapped up my junior year in high school, finishing with all A’s and a pleasant sense of accomplishment. Now school is over, I just have so much time and yet, I always feel like I’m running out of it. There are events and parties daily but, like so much of Hollywood, I’m spending more time by myself and working on my passions. I’m received my driver's permit and haven’t crashed yet.

It's safe to say it's the best summer of my life.

So far this Summer, one of the most magical nights was Friday the 13th. Weird right?

Unlike the name would suggest it wasn’t scary at all, it was my friend Kennedy Garcia’s birthday prom. My crew arrived in a party bus. Once we arrived, there were lots of photographers, like a paparazzi moment straight out of a movie. We were cheering our friends on as they were performing and in the end, Kennedy looked beautiful and had an amazing birthday!

Thanks to her we all got to experience prom.

This summer I have dozens of events already planned. I just got back from Hawaii, and I’m seeking out new adventures. First, it’s time to get in shape. So to everyone reading this, thanks for your time.

Check back for more!



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